MeMy mind is my oasis. I drift off into my mind to escape the harshness reality can bring at times. If you like a good combination of weird and beauty, step into my mind through my art and feel free to get lost in it.

-Violet Kirk


Violet Kirk was born in 1985 in the Dallas/FTW area of Texas. At a very young age she was quickly drawn to fantasy movies and books. You could often find Violet drawing small murals on a multitude of surfaces. She always put them where her parents could not find them, for instance on the back wall of closets hidden behind the clothing or under the dining room table and chairs etc. To this day Violet must jot her ideas down as soon as she thinks of them because they come to her so quickly and in volumes. Instead of a sketchbook, which is too bulky, Violet keeps a bunch of Post-It notes in her pocket and uses them to make drafts of her ideas.

At the age of 17 Violet had entered and competed in the state and national photography/art contest in which she placed 1st and 3rd during the same event.   Her artwork has been displayed in the Texas Cowgirl Museum located in Fort Worth Texas. She has sold her artwork internationally as well.

When Violet is asked which artists have inspired her the most she will tell you there are too many to name, but she does have a select few. Among some of the artists that Violet says have inspired her are Gustave Caillebotte, Claude Monet,Walt Disney, Salvador Dali, Tim Burton, Caravaggio, and Frida Kahlo to name a few.

Violet follows her heart when it comes to her artwork and right now her heart is telling her to paint. Violet still loves sculpting and photography but her painting is really taking a priority right now. Violet says “who knows maybe tomorrow will be sculpting, that is the beauty of art you never know where it will lead you.”

Please peruse through the gallery.  If interested in any of the available pieces please email me for pricing and shipping information at VioletMKirk@gmail.com .

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